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“What surprised me the most about this product was the seamless extraction of data from our accounting system into WineCompliancePro.
This showed the power of the software architecture, especially at installation. To make the process even easier, all the installation was done remotely. All we needed to do was to grant them access rights.”

–Jim Collins, CFO–
Wine Business Monthly 12/06

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About WineCompliance Pro

WineCompliancePro, Inc. is the product of blending a highly respected compliance company with an innovative technology company to provide both compliance and technology services and solutions to the wine industry. What sets us apart from the others is we build the compliance software solutions we and other compliance providers use. We provide automated compliance solutions and services for Out-Of-State Shipping Compliance and Federal & Home State Compliance for wineries, compliance providers, winery accounting and POS software solution provides, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. We provide comprehensive IT and software development services to the wine industry. We are also an authorized seller of Brand Presence Management SaaS solutions for the wine industry providing Social Media Security & Brand Protection that allows you to discover, monitor and manage all your brands in all social media outlets. Please refer to Our Solutions page for more information.


Our automated solutions turn the details and complexities of compliance reporting, shipping and licensing into a few simple clicks of a mouse. No need for you to worry about the latest state reporting forms, rates, calculations, zip code changes, local tax jurisdictions, shipping rules, shipping limits, dry areas... Our solutions manage the update of all the dynamic revisions to all state requirements for you, seamlessly and transparently. In short, we make compliance simple.

Personal Service

We stand behind our solutions. You can rely on compliance and technology support consultants to be there to answer your questions. We have over 30 years of compliance experience and over 30 years of technology experience to help you when you need it. We offer free email support to every client and phone support when you need to speak to someone directly.

Value and Scalability

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable compliance solutions and services to the wine industry. Whether you ship 500 cases a year or 500,000+ cases a year, our solutions are designed and tested to scale for you. The prices for our solutions are based on a flat fee, so as your business grows, your costs for compliance remain stable, allowing you to realize greater profitability.