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“I truly appreciate having
Eva behind the wheel at WineCompliancePro. She has years of hands-on experience and knows what I need to get the job done”.

–Amy Iadarola, Controller JOSEPH PHELPS VINEYARDS

Phelps Syrah

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Tired of the headaches? Our automated solutions turn the details and complexities of compliance reporting and licensing into a few simple clicks of a mouse. No need for you to worry about the latest state reporting forms, rates, calculations, zip code changes, local tax jurisdictions, shipping limits... Our solutions manage the update of all the dynamic revisions to all state requirements for you seamlessly and transparently. In short, we make compliance simple.


Our automated reporting compliance solutions radically reduce the time to produce compliance reports and audit for shipping overages. This means you save money!  Our solutions allow you to redeploy valuable resources formally locked into fulfilling monthly reporting requirements to other areas of operations. Our pricing structure is based on a flat fee (not per transaction) so you can plan your cost through the entire year with no surprises. Whether you ship 500 cases per year or 5,000,000 cases per year our solutions are affordably priced and save you money. Click on our ROI calculator to determine how much money you can expect to save using our solutions.


We stand behind our solutions. You can rely on compliance and technology support consultants to be there to answer your questions. We have over 40 years of compliance experience and over 50 years of technology experience to help you when you need it. We offer free email support to every client and phone support when you need to speak to someone directly. Our self-service compliance portal is also available as part of the service we extend to every client. Use the portal when you need compliance information at your own convenience.


We offer comprehensive solutions and services for the wine industry including Direct to Consumer Sales, Wholesale Sales, Retail Sales and Imports. No matter what your compliance needs, we have a solution to fulfill your need at an affordable price. We are truly the “One Stop Shop” for all your compliance issues. No need to use multiple compliance vendors. Our unique blending of compliance expertise and automated tools allows us to efficiently handle all your compliance questions, problems and requirements.


Our Technology team led by Leroy Lucas and Dave Era has over 50 years of technology experience. Leroy and Dave have worked in large fortune 500 companies and small start up companies. They have worked on projects across a large industry spectrum on multiple development platforms. They both gained wine industry experience through Southcorp Wines (now Fosters) prior to developing our solutions. Leroy and Dave co-developed the automated compliance solutions in use at WCP today.

Our Compliance team has over 15 years of compliance experience working with some of the largest wineries and some of the smallest. We have a dedicated full time research and legal department to constantly monitor current and changing regulations to provide you with some of the best and up to date information on compliance issues today.

ROI Calculator

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